What do children and adolescents need on the Internet? Tune into the conference ‘The survival of minors in a data-driven world’


Being a child or teenager in the digital age is a very different experience from what previous generations had. From a very early age, minors are exposed to the fact that, through the Internet and social networks, their personal data is commercialized, and this use of private information can have consequences for the future that we barely perceive. And, like adults, they also suffer from some of the most harmful effects of the Internet, such as false information or the creation of information bubbles. In this, the big tech companies do not discriminate: the algorithm knows virtually nothing about being of legal age.  

This is why we urgently need to reflect more deeply on how to protect minors in the data economy. This is so minors have a usage and legal framework, without losing any of the possibilities offered by the digital world or falling into puritanism, that is appropriate to their situation.

These are the topics that will be discussed at the conference given on Thursday, November 10, at 5:00pm by Ana Caballero, Vice President of the European Association for Digital Transition, at the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD). Her talk, entitled ‘The survival of minors in a data-driven world’, is in turn part of a series organised by the AEPD – ‘Innovation and Data Protection. Women and Science’ – which reflects on current issues related to technology and with a special focus on gender equality. The conference is open and free and can be accessed through this link

Caballero is a lawyer specialised in technology and privacy. She has more than fifteen years of professional experience and has taught Constitutional Law and Communication Law at Antonio de Nebrija University. As Vice President of the European Association for Digital Transition, she advocates for an orderly digitalisation model that takes into account the values of the EU and allows the economic, political and social sovereignty of the 27 to be maintained.  

Talk: ‘The survival of minors in a data-driven world’ (Spanish)