Asociación Europea para la Transición Digital – Quiénes somosz

What is Digital Transition

Technological cycles are an integral part of the history of humanity. Technological development, especially if it has a disruptive dimension on the economy and in society, creates a huge impact, although this usually takes time to occur: there is always lag time between the maturity of a technology and its availability on the market. The large industrial revolutions known up to now have always produced deep transformations over a long period of time. There is need for a space of adjustment. While the economy is being restructured, new institutions, infrastructure, businesses, markets and social consensus are created. This adaptation is a transition process that may require many decades and can lead to disputes and friction between “new” – the potential of progress – and existing structures and interests.

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are examples of these disruptive technologies. But what both have in common is the use of what has come to be called the new raw material of the twenty-first century: data. The digital transformation we are witnessing has given rise to a new economy and a new society: the Data Economy and Data Society.

Data has already become the main engine for the economic development and societal change in which we find ourselves immersed. New businesses, products and services that have changed the face of the economy have evolved from digitalisation and monetisation of data. But our lifestyle and governmental policies have also changed.

What is the EADT

The European Association for Digital Transition – EADT is a non-profit association that has been created to contribute to technological development and digital transformation, in particular in the data economy and data society.

The EADT has been created with the vocation to promote its own lines of action (and support those of third parties) that contribute to the European Union making a Digital Transition that is aligned with its founding values and will build technological leadership.

Who we are

We are European citizens who seek to influence the tectonic shift that the data economy is creating in our societies. We believe we are still in time to strengthen the necessary transformation processes, to empower individuals and citizens, and to support the economy and European companies in this phase of rapid transition. 

We want to give voice to individuals, groups and organizations who want to see technological change and digital transformation implemented in the EU in a balanced and fair way, in accordance with the EU’s values. We seek to raise awareness, mobilise, open discussions and coordinate with others who share, partly or totally, our objectives.

Ricardo Rodríguez Contreras, president and Founder of EADT


Rodríguez Contreras is a consultant in the fields of employment, education, and industrial and labour relations both in Spain and throughout Europe. He has worked as an expert for the European Commission and the European Parliament, among other European institutions, and for multilateral international agencies such as the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) and the CABEI (Central American Bank for Economic Integration). In addition to participating in business restructuring projects, he has been involved in transnational educational activities for European Works Councils and managers. Currently, Rodríguez Contreras is developing research at the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) on the implications of the digital transformation in the worlds of work, labour relations and production.

Ana Caballero, vice president of the EADT

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero is a lawyer specialised in technology and an expert in digital transition. She also works as a data protection officer in various scientific associations and has more than 20 years of professional experience forming part of diverse legal teams. Additionally, she has been a professor of Constitutional Law and Communication Law at the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija.

Caballero is currently the president of the Section on Infancy and Adolescence at the Madrid Bar Association and vice president of the European Association for Digital Transition where, moreover, she leads the line of work focused on minors and adolescents in the digital transition.