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The owner of this website is: the EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR DIGITAL TRANSITION (hereinafter, EADT®), a non-profit organisation registered in the Associations Registry of the Ministry of the Interior, Section 1/national registration number 620193. EADT®is the trade name of the EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR DIGITAL TRANSITION, a citizen organisation whose founding purposes include: analysing the impact of data economics and the associated digital and technological transformation for European societies, economies and democracies, and contributing to public debate, among other aims.

2. Commercial and contact data


Trade name: EADT

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6. Content, permitted uses and responsibilities

This website contains materials prepared for informational purposes only, which do not constitute consulting, training or advice of any kind. As such, the EADT® is not responsible for the actions carried out based on them. Although the EADT® will carry out all necessary actions to rectify mistakes and errors in this website’s content and materials to keep them updated and accurate at all times, it cannot guarantee the absence of mistakes, errors or omissions in the website’s content and materials. Therefore, their existence will at no time be detrimental to the EADT®. If while browsing the EADT® website you detect any error or mistake, please let us know by sending an email to

Although the EADT® will carry out all necessary actions to re-establish communication when there are failures in accessing the website and to keep the website available and in continuous operation, the EADT® cannot guarantee access to the website nor the availability and continuity of its operation, so its non-availability will at no time be detrimental to the EADT®.

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Within the limits permitted by Law 34/2002, the EADT® is not responsible for:

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7. Protection of personal data

All personal data collected by the EADT® through this website is stored in databases. The specific data that is collected, the recipients of it, processing to which it is submitted, processing periods and the purposes for which it is processed are specified on each of the data collection forms. Except in those provided for in current legislation and in those consented by their owners, the EADT® does not transfer personal data to third parties.

You can exercise your rights of rights of access, rectification, restriction, portability, opposition and erasure at any time, as granted to you by data protection regulations as an interested party, by sending us an email at

8. Validity and modification of the website’s terms of use

These terms are in effect as of October 1, 2022. The EADT® reserves the right to unilaterally modify the terms of use of its own website in the event that there is a change in current legislation or in case law, or based on internal criteria. Any changes made to these terms will be posted at this same URL.

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