Children, adolescents and problems with digital tools: the responsibility of the large internet platforms

The vice president of the European Association for Digital Transition (EADT), Ana Caballero, recently took part in some seminars held by the Andalusian Parliament. Organised by the Audiovisual Council of Andalusia, the session ‘The consequences of being the first digital natives’ analysed from various perspectives the risks involved in the overexposure of minors to screentime.

In the framework of this seminar, the Diario de Sevilla interviewed Caballero, who chairs the working group of experts formed by the Ministry of Youth and Children to improve, politically and legislatively, the protection of minors in the digital environment. In the interview, Ana Caballero points out the responsibility the large internet platforms have regarding the problems that children and adolescents suffer from in their use of digital tools.

The entire interview can be read here.